Thursday, September 3, 2009

Updates Finally

So we have been less than impressive with out blog.. so here are the updates on our summer.. we love you all,

My Birthday-- i choose to take the kids to the OC fair.. a blast for us all... food, games, rides.. what more could the kids want!

Monday, April 6, 2009

San Diego

Here are a few pics from our trip to Sea World and The Zoo. The kids are on Spring Break so we jumped at the chance to get away... it was a great trip.. a trip we all needed! family time

my 3 sons

cheesey smiles
monkey time
nasty snakes!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Drew is Nine!

I really can't believe it but our boy is Nine. Everyday I am proud to say that Drew is my son. He is amazing in so many ways-smart, athletic, loving brother and friend, passionate, and already has his beliefs in God. I could go on and on as many of us can, but David and I are just truly blessed to have him as our son. This year Drew had a "big boy party" with just 5 friends and no younger brothers. David and I took all 6 boys to Boomers were we all had fun running around playing lazer tag, mini golf, rock climbing and of course video games! David and I on the way home (9:45 pm) were enjoying the conversation between all the boys and laughing about the fact that this party was just like the ones we had as a youngster.. about the kids and not the parents. It was fun for ALL!

we played boys versus parents-- i think David and I had just as much fun chasing the boys all around the place!

you think Drew wants back into first place?
We had a small dinner with Nana and Papa on his actual Birthday.. he loved it since he "got all the gifts he asked for"..
my furture CSULB Dirtbag?
Gifts from Bryce and Ryan!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Picture Day

So we attempted to get our pictures done professionally for the first time.. wow what an ordeal. We were 4 for 5 with participation.. Ryan had enough after the first couple pictures and wanted to play with the pretend oven set the lady had there. We were able to get some really nice pictures.. she took over 600 photos! Here is a little sample of my favorites..

no more pictures!

my boys

i Love my man

GQ Bryce!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hey Good Looking..

check out the handsome boys below...

Bryce Kindergarten picture

Drew- 3rd grade picture

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Disco Fever

This year Dave and I decided to go to the boys school gala fundraiser. This year was a disco theme. Well i was able to borrow my dads 3 piece corduroy suit-- yes he still had it! and i then went thrift store shopping for me. We went with a great group of friends and had a blast. Here are the super pics..

dave, gil, kim and alani having too much fun!


This year was a great in regards to the kids and their decisions on their Halloween costumes. Bryce from the start wanted to be an officer ( of course I loved it!). Ryan then my default was a prisoner.. come on that was funny i thought. Drew was the hard one... at the store he could not decide then he found a scary face, reaper stick and black robe thinging- of that was fun. Ryan was completely scared of Drew and wanted nothing to do with him... then he wanted nothing to do with his costume-- that my mom made for him.

well here are the pic i have so far...

my little get away artist..
Ryan was very scared of Drew

my little officer of the law.. his belt got too heavy from the start so he had to use his fist to protect me!
Bryce at his school parade.. notice the real LAPD uniform!